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Data Privacy Group's mission is to help navigate the increasingly dangerous world of data protection.  Companies and individuals are under constant attack from progressively sophisticated attackers who are more organized and intelligent.  Over 2 billion individuals have had their personal identifying information stolen in the first seven months of 2017 alone.  With substantial data breaches making headlines in the US like Equifax, the Home Depot, Target and others, just the hint of a breach can ruin the stock performance of a company and destroy a once-sterling reputation.

DPG works with subject matter experts around the globe to ensure that we can address all of the needs of our clients.  Our goal is to work with our clients to do a thorough GAP Analysis to determine deficiencies so that they can determine what the best privacy and compliance decisions for their organization.  Our Risk Analysis reports are there to help our clients fill the gaps in any organization whether the needs are Legal, Training, IT, Human Resources, Disaster Recovery, or any other aspect of Cybersecurity or a Compliance and Privacy Culture.

Data Privacy Group is the ONLY organization that can help you stay in compliance in every area!

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Call us at (888) 460-GDPR  (4377) to discuss your Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Compliance needs.

Public Outreach

Our CEO, Steven Chesser, is well known on the speaker's circuit and is available for engagements at Trade Shows, E-Discovery, Ethics & Privacy Forums, Corporate Events,  Security Conferences and Education Summits to help spread the word on the dangers of neglecting Cyber Security, Data Protection, Privacy and transforming your organization into a security culture to protect your data, your reputation, and your clients.