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Penetration Testing - Vulnerability Scans

We like to think of ourselves as White Hat Hackers!  Scanning the Web for evil Black Hat Hackers and fighting them keyboard to keyboard, blocking every move with ever more brilliant coding skills form our superiorly wired brains.

The reality is that Pen-Tests are simulated cyberattacks on known computer systems to identify any faulty equipment, missing rules, or policies that could negatively impact the organization and create risks for the company.

Vulnerability Scans must be run periodically to be effective and required by several different compliance models, but are only one of several cyber weapons you should add to your arsenal.

Dark Web Scan

Why should you have us monitor the Dark Web?

IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System

Intrusion Detection Systems will help you monitor and detect incoming threats to your environment.  By itself, an IDS is worthless but combined with proper policies and procedures; it could mean the difference between thwarting an attack and complete loss of all of your data to ransomware or DDoS attack. When you combine the IDS and IPS, you create a system that once alerted of the anomaly; the IPS will prevent the delivery of the packets and proactively deny network traffic as a known threat.

Vendors are commonly integrating Firewalls with IDS/IPS systems creating UTMs (Unified Threat Management) for a security-in-a-box product

Custom Ongoing Cyber Tool Evaluations

Data Privacy Group understands that threats to your environment change daily and we will work with you to understand your unique needs and do our best to provide you with the best, most cost effective solution to keep your data and your customer's privacy safe!

Phishing Simulators

Instant Feedback and Training!

DPG can supply weekly, monthly, or quarterly simulated Phishing emails to your team to find out if you have vulnerabilities in-house.  We have remedial training online to help you reduce the risk of exposing your network to malicious attacks and loss of precious data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recover

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are integral in every Compliance Framework and required

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