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Executive Training Retreats

Our Executive Training Retreats are unique to your needs!

Sometimes you just need to getaway.  We will tailor an experience for your team to design a Cyber Security and Data Privacy Plan that includes all of your key department leaders in a setting that allows them to focus on creating a system of Privacy by Design.  By removing all distractions, we will be able to focus on making sure that you have access to the experts you need to answer any questions so that you can make intelligent, informed decisions.

Our retreat hosts will also have planned excursions to help break-up the monotony of the work session with excursions that fit your team's individual personalities, including:

  • Fishing Trips
  • Wine Tours
  • Wing Shooting
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Show Skiing
  • Cultural Events
  • ***Create your own

We will have seminars available at your request from subject matter experts in Legal, Public Relations, IT, compliance specific, Human Resources. Training, or any subject matter directly relating to your organization.  

At the end of the retreat, you will leave with a complete Incident Response Plan that will include:

  • What to do when an Incident Occurs
  • Specific Responsibilities of every department in the event of a Cyber Incident
  • Who to contact after Cyber Incident
  • List of Persons who can speak to Legal/Media after Cyber Incident
  • List of Persons who can speak to Employees after Cyber Incident
  • List of Persons who can speak to Legal Authority after Cyber Incident
  • List of Policies for Busines Continuity Plan


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