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Internal Data Privacy Compliance Audits

Data Privacy Group's Internal Audits are based on the GDPR regulations and codicils.  The goal of the audit is to have a realistic roadmap for your company to be GDPR compliant within a reasonable timeframe with cost-effective solutions.

Data Privacy Group has partnered with hardware, software, storage and communication vendors to recommend and supply cutting-edge, secure technologies while keeping an eye out for your bottom line.  Data Privacy Group has worked to certify vendors and IT service providers with the requisite skills necessary to make sure your network infrastructure is up to date and compliant; your software is secure; data is encrypted; evaluate MDM, (Mobile Device Management); employee policies, training and procedures are up to date, and all data is properly firewalled.

Our Audit Teams consist of:

  • On-Site Auditors
  • Hardware Specialists
  • Software Specialists
  • White-Hat Hackers
  • Policy Analysts
  • Communication Auditors

We will conduct:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Data Flows and Categorizations
  • E-Discovery
  • Scan for Rogue Applications
  • Network Stress Tests
  • Mobile Device Management - Security & Control
  • Hardware Benchmarks
  • Update all firmware
  • Evaluation of Firewall Policies
  • Compliance testing of Firewall
  • Storage Encryption Policy - Location of personnel records
  • eMail Retention and storage policy review
  • Documentation Policy Analysis
  • Employee Training Audit
  • Environmental and Facility Security
  • Clean Desk and Physical Records Policies
  • Ongoing Security Training Programs

At the conclusion of every Audit, your company will receive a 40 point report identifying possible Breach Points, future upgrades, and cost-saving plans.  Ongoing regulatory updates are communicated regularly as a courtesy to all of our clients

We will also set up a continuing compliance audit program on a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan based on customer preference.

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